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About Us

J. F. Luterek Pr.Eng, B.Eng, B.Proc

Janusz F. Luterek is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa, a patent attorney, and registered professional engineer. He has passed the Australian Institute of Patent and Trademark Agents patent drafting examinations. Janusz is also a member of several professional, industrial and legal societies including FICPI, AIPPI, SAIIPL, ECSA, and AIChE and serves on several intellectual property law committees in his professional capacity. Before joining the profession, he spent several years in the industry and has a wide range of industrial experience.

Presently he drafts and files both local and foreign patent applications in several fields including computer software, pharmaceutical inventions, chemical engineering, mechanical devices, and the like.

If required, other intellectual property related services can be arranged, such as:

  • patent searches
  • infringement and novelty opinions
  • trademark searches and filings
  • copyright and registered design applications


+27 (0)12 349 9459

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