Beginner's Guide

Patent Beginners Guide - How It Works

The following information is supplied for the convenience of our clients and is to be considered as a brief and simplified outline only.

What is a patent?

A patent is a document granting an inventor sole rights to an invention. It includes several official forms as well as a patent specification. A patent specification consists of a concise yet all-encompassing description of the invention and, in some cases, patent claims defining the scope of protection afforded by the patent when it is granted. It is crucial how the patent specification is written, interpreted and if all legal formalities are complied with. Particular care must be taken in preparing the application forms and drafting the patent specification. It is thus advisable to use a well qualified and skilled draftsman to obtain the best possible protection from any eventual patent.


From Idea To Patent Process

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Once all preliminary issues have been dealt with, e-mail the following documents to your patent attorney:

  • proof of payment for the deposit equal to the cost of the patent application
  • a description of the invention together with any drawings, photo's, or sketches
  • the names and addresses of all inventor(s) and all applicant(s) for the invention online
  • and pays a deposit equal to the cost of the patent application

Once your patent attorney received the required documents, the specification will be drafted and sent to you for comment and approval. You will have two opportunities to make changes to the specification. Thereafter, the specification is finalized, and your patent attorney will file the application.

Once the Patent Office provide the filing receipt and patent application number, you will receive proof of filing within 3 days.


Invention Safety

Inventors fear that unscrupulous persons may steal their invention. Our patent attorneys are registered with:

  • the South African Patent Office as a patent attorney, and
  • the Engineering Council of South Africa as a professional engineer.

We guarantee professional and confidential service. There is a lot of concern about hackers and internet security in general. We believe that it is easier to bug a telephone, intercept a fax, or steal paper-based mail than to intercept and read an encrypted e-mail.

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